12" Preemie Full Silicone Doll "Mason & Bexlee"



Boy Girl

12" Preemie Full Silicone Doll "Mason & Bexlee"

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Boy Girl
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Product description

Fully painted by us here in the USA. Are you in the market for an adorable preemie reborn full silicone baby to add to your collection? Look no further! Our selection of babies is stunningly realistic, with attention to detail right down to their tiny tongues and gums. You won't believe your eyes when you see one! Plus, their silicone is incredibly soft and squishy - they're a joy to hold in your hands. Start your collection today! Please message me with any questions about this doll or anything else before purchasing because there are no refunds or returns.

Take note that, as with all handmade items, there may be some minor defects. This could be slight seam lines if a two-part mold is used or a small indentation on the top of the head, which is a result of the pour spout used to pour silicone into the mold.

If you're not satisfied with small imperfections, please do not purchase. I've included a picture of a pour spout indentation, which is very minimal. Additionally, there are many nude photos available, so you can decide for yourself whether there are any flaws. All babies have accurate anatomical features.

Included with your purchase is:
12" Full Silicone Doll - 2 lbs. 6oz. (you select boy or girl from drop-down)
1 Outfit (Bib & Shorts)
Blank Birth Certificate
1 Paci with paci holder
Dinner Set (Bowl, silverware, 2 Bottles)
1 Plush Lovie

This silicone preemie doll is 12 inches from head to toe, fitting into preemie-size clothes.

We use only the highest quality reborn supplies to ensure your full silicone doll is made with authentic silicone, making it incredibly realistic.

We have both females and males available. Please check the drop-down menu to see what is available. The doll has no hair, its nostrils are open as if it is taking breaths, and its lips are painted by hand.

Reborn dolls have an incredibly realistic skin tone, with a mottled effect made from a multi-layer painting process. They are very flexible and can be positioned to sit, lay down, or even take a bath. It's important to note that these dolls cannot stand up, speak, pee, or blink and are compliant with the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for children aged three and over.

To keep your silicone baby doll looking its best, use a hair balm to clean the hair; if it has any, then use a toothbrush to gently brush it. After the bath, apply some hair oil and sprinkle the doll with baby powder. Remember, the doll has been painted, so take extra care to avoid damaging the intricate details visible in the accompanying picture.

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